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Can Your CRM Answer These 7 Questions?

It’s easy to understand why Driving Sales Effectiveness with Strategic CRM is a very popular on-demand training webinar. According to our research, over 96% of B2B companies are using CRM in some form or fashion. So, it’s little wonder so many subscribers would want to learn about the innovative things some sales and marketing teams are doing differently with their CRM systems.

One of the big insights discussed in the session has to do with the questions these innovative teams are trying to answer for their sales reps…

In addition to using their CRM systems to answer more management-oriented questions around activity levels, process compliance, and deal status, these leading-edge teams are trying to provide answers that can actually help a salesperson close more business, faster, and at higher margins.

Some examples of these more strategic and sales-oriented questions include:

  • Which sales opportunities am I more likely to close?
  • How many contact attempts should I expect to make?
  • What’s the best strategy to be using in this situation?
  • How much is this customer really willing to pay?
  • Where are the untapped opportunities in my book?
  • Which customers should I be calling on this week?
  • Which of my customers is starting to buy elsewhere?

Interestingly, a CRM system that answers these types of questions is a CRM system that salespeople don’t have to be forced or cajoled into using. In fact, they actually want to use a system like this because it helps them make more money.

Does your CRM system answer these types of questions for your sales reps? Can you confidently say that your CRM system helps salespeople make more money?

If not, check out the recorded replay of Driving Sales Effectiveness with Strategic CRM. It won’t give you all of the answers, but it’ll certainly help you gain a new perspective on CRM…and start asking better questions.

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