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Your Customers Are (Probably) Lying To You

Marketing operations that rely on satisfaction surveys may be fooling themselves into thinking they don't have a customer retention problem. Here's what you should do instead to learn the truth.

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The Missing Link in Your Marketing Operation

What if your marketing operation was missing a critical function that kept performance from being where it should be? Learn about the important capability that many businesses are lacking.

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How Lame Pricing Destroys Marketing Effectiveness

Many B2B marketing operations think pricing is someone else's problem. But when you learn what can happen when the prices are wrong, you'll see why pricing is your problem after all.

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Is Marketing Ops a Strategic or Tactical Function?

There seems to be a bit of confusion and debate in the space about whether Marketing Operations should be a tactical or strategic function. So, where do we stand on the issue and why?

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Marketing Ops Metrics Manifesto

While the conventional wisdom may say that Marketing Ops should simply measure, monitor, and report whatever management wants to see, learn why we have a very different perspective on the matter...

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What Does a Real Marketing Strategy Look Like?

We regularly hear from subscribers asking how to create or improve their marketing strategy. And we've found that effective strategies are able to answer these 6 questions.

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The Key To Diagnosing Lead Generation Problems

If you aren't creating enough leads or enough good leads for your sales team, you'll need to find the root cause of the problem in order to solve it.

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Two Great Examples Of Horrible Marketing Messages

Sometimes you run across marketing messages that are so full of platitudes and buzzwords that they're comical. Take a look at these amazing examples and the advice we have to be sure you don't fall into the same trap these companies did.

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"Fix me! Fix me!"

As human beings, we're somewhat hardwired to view "fixing problems" as a high priority. But if all you're looking at are marketing problems, you could be missing out on opportunities that are much bigger and far more impactful.

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5 Marketing Analysis Traps To Avoid

The wrong approach can fail to deliver results...and damage how future efforts will be perceived. Be sure you're not falling into one of these five marketing analysis traps.

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