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Most questions about us can be answered in this FAQ.(If not, check out the last one.)

General Questions

What is the Marketing Ops Journal?

The Marketing Ops Journal is an trade publication dedicated to helping improve and optimize marketing operations. As an interactive portal, the Journal delivers more than a traditional, printed publication ever could, with educational content in text, audio, and video formats. Subscribers enjoy having an arsenal of best-practices and timely research at their fingertips—on-demand, 24×7, and accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Based on the needs and requests of our subscribers, the Journal’s ever-expanding library of tutorials, guides, case studies, interviews, research reports, tools and diagnostics covers a range of relevant marketing topics—from strategic planning and positioning to measurement, analysis, and organizational support.

Who's Behind The Journal?

We’re a team of researchers and analysts focused on uncovering what really works in B2B marketing. Based on our in-depth research, we publish the tactics and strategies that have been proven to do what real marketing should: attract the right prospects, drive profitable sales, build lasting customer relationships, and grow your business.

As former practitioners ourselves, we know just how difficult it can be to find timely, relevant, and actionable information about what strategies and tactics really work in B2B environments. Our team curates proven practices and lessons learned from practitioners and industry experts all over the globe and publishes the insights we glean in an ever-expanding library of tutorials, guides, case studies, interviews, research reports, tools and diagnostics available here at

Do you offer consulting services or on-site training?

We don’t sell consulting. Our business is focused on providing the information and insights that can help our subscribers overcome challenges and become more successful.

Can I signup for your free weekly update?

If you’re not already receiving our weekly update newsletter, we encourage you to sign up–it’s free.

But our weekly update won’t give you access to everything. The Marketing Ops Journal is a great resource for anyone focused on strategically driving marketing within their company. You’ll get real-world case studies, step-by-step tutorials, diagnostics, expert interviews, and how-to guides delivered in text, video, and audio formats so you can learn in the style that’s best for you. Learn more and subscribe.

Questions Before Subscribing

How do I become a subscriber?

It’s simple. Signing up just takes a few minutes–you pay with a credit card and get immediate access. Just head to our subscribe page to see your options and get started.

Do you offer group or team rates?

We do. You can purchase multi-user subscriptions to the Marketing Ops Journal for up to 15 users through our website at significant savings compared to our individual annual subscription. See the prices and subscribe.

Have a larger group?  Just send us an email to letting us know. Please include your name, email, company name and number in your group and we’ll send you a quote.

Can I purchase a subscription for someone else on my team?

You sure can. If you’ll be accessing the subscription as well, purchasing a multi-user subscription will give you immediate access. You’ll also get a special link to pass along to the other users so they can setup their accounts and get access.

If you’re just handling the purchase but won’t be accessing the subscription itself, just complete the subscription order and send us an email at to let us know. We’ll setup your account to only manage billing and send you a link so that the other user (or users) can create their login for access.

Can I share my log in and account with others?

Nope. Each account provides an individual license and our system actively monitors accounts to detect and alert us to shared use. If you’re interested in sharing content with friends or colleagues, it’s easy and cost-effective to add additional users so they have their own account and license.

I currently get the weekly update, but is the content in The Journal different?

The weekly update newsletter is full of helpful insights and tips on B2B marketing—but content in the Journal goes into much more depth. You’ll get access to long-form articles, case studies, tutorials, diagnostics, interviews, training courses, webinars, how-to guides as well as videos, and companion worksheets. Bottom line, what you see in the weekly update is just the tip of the iceberg of resources that are available to subscribers.

Is everything included, or do we have to buy certain things separately?

Everything is included with your subscription—the training webinars, the expert interviews, the tutorials, guides, and tools, as well as our unique Ask the Network feature. And, of course, you’ll get access to all of the new resources that are being added on a regular basis.

What will happen after I order? How will I get access to the Journal?

During the ordering process, you’ll be asked to create a account and password if you don’t have one already. After you place your order, you’ll immediately have access to the Journal through the secure subscriber area. And you can use your username and password to access the Journal from any computer or mobile device.

My team would like to see how it all works---do you give demos?

We’re happy to set up a demo so you and your team can get a better understanding of all that the Marketing Ops Journal has to offer. To schedule a demo, just sent an email to and our support team will work with you to find a day and time that works best.

I just want to try it out---do you offer a free trial?

Sorry–we don’t provide a free trial. But we’re happy setup a live demo so you can see everything you’d get access to as a subscriber. Just send an email to and our support team will work with you to set one up.

Can we pay for our multi-user subscription via purchase order or company check?

We prefer payment via credit card because it gets you immediate access to your subscription, but we understand that some companies need to pay with a purchase order or check. We’re happy to accommodate that if you’re getting a multi-user subscription. Just send us an email at to let us know that’s what you need and we’ll send along the details.

How are subscribers notified of the new resources and content as they're available?

The weekly update newsletter will alert you to the latest resources and content as they’re added. You’ll also receive special email alerts about upcoming training webinars.

If we'd like to see more information on specific topics, do you take requests?

We love to hear from our subscribers. In fact, many of the resources available in the Marketing Ops Journal are from requests that our research and editorial team receives. As a subscriber, you’ll not only be able to submit topic requests, but you can use our Ask the Network feature to pose questions to our network of experts.

Are the online training sessions recorded and accessible to subscribers later?

If you can’t attend a live training session, it’s not a problem. All of them are recorded and made available a few days after the live event.

Can I get ask specific questions to your research team?

Yes you can. This is one of the great benefits of being a Marketing Ops Journal subscriber. Our in-house researchers and analysts wade neck-deep in marketing operations as a matter of course, regularly gathering and curating best practices. You can tap into them and get their insight and advice on your specific questions and challenges. In a few business days, you receive a response back.

Do you offer the Marketing Ops Journal in a printed format as well as digital?

The Marketing Ops Journal is only available in our digital, web-based format. With new content added each week, a printed format just can’t keep up. And by being digital, we’re able to offer subscribers much more than a printed publication is able to—including videos, audio interviews as well as companion worksheets and presentations.

Subscriber Support

With a multi-user subscription, how do we sign-up other members of our team?

Once you’ve completed your multi-user subscription order, you’ll receive a unique link that you can pass along to the other intended users. It’s a simple registration form that you can fill out yourself or send to your colleagues. You’ll also easily be able to monitor sign-ups and access within your account.

How do I register for the online trainings that are included in the subscription?

Your Marketing Ops Journal subscription gives you full access to our dashboard, from which you can access the various resources and features. From there, you can see details on the upcoming training session with instructions on how to register.

I've forgotten my username or password. Can you help?

Sure.  Just click here and enter your username or your email address and we’ll email you a link to create a new password.

I need to cancel my subscription. What do I need to do?

If you need to cancel your account, please do so at least one business day prior to your monthly or annual renewal date. We cannot prorate or refund our service if you do not cancel your subscription before your renewal.

You can easily cancel your subscription by sending us an email to  We’ll just need your account username, email address and order number.

Can I see who else is a subscriber?

Sorry. To protect our users’ privacy, we don’t expose subscription information to others without their express permission.

When All Else Fails

Something isn't working right. What should I do?

Uh oh.  If you’ve run into a problem on the site, send us an email at

This FAQ didn't answer my question. What now?

Sorry about that. Please send us an email at expressing your disappointment in the lack of thoroughness in our FAQ and we’ll be sure the appropriate person is severely reprimanded. Oh…and don’t forget to include the question you had.