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The Simple Sales Tool That Improves Close-Rates

Ask yourself a question: “How well does your sales team really understand the market your company sells into?”

I’m not talking about the different competitors, product offerings and target accounts. Those are important. But how well does your sales team understand the perceptions that your customers and prospects have of the marketplace? How well do they understand what drives those perceptions?

Do your salespeople know…

  • …how prospects gather the information they need to make a decision?
  • …what drives a prospect to be in the market for what your company sells?
  • …the urgency that prospects place on the problems your offerings solve?

Surprisingly, very few companies make a focused effort to really understand their customers and prospects. Of course, they equip their sales teams with product training and content-rich collateral. But the customer insights that can better their chances of actually closing deals are often left to intuition and guesswork.

Yet our research is showing that leading sales and marketing operations aren’t leaving those customer insights to chance. They’re taking concerted actions to uncover insights like these so their sales reps can better understand what drives the many elements of prospects’ selection and purchasing processes.

In the Playbook, we’ve put together a helpful guide, 17 Powerful Insights That Improve Close Rates & Margins. Based on our research, these are the insights that have proven to be most effective. The guide reveals why each of these areas of insight give you and your team a better chance for success. It also shows you what you should be looking for in each of these insight areas and why they’re important.

It’s an amazingly simple process that can yield great improvements to close-rates and customer LTV. Unfortunately, few companies bother with trying to gather this kind of information. Which makes it an even more powerful competitive advantage if you decide to take action.

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