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3 New Marketing Trends You Should Try Today

I hate to disappoint you, but if you came here looking for those 3 new marketing trends, you won’t find them. I know…that was a bit tricky. But bear with me while I explain…

Here at DemandBrew, we engage with thousands of marketing professionals in B2B companies all around the globe. And there’s one thing that seems to separate high-performing marketing teams from the rest. It’s not the industry they’re in or the years of experience they have. It’s not how big their budget is or how large their team is. The big determining factor? Whether they tend to chase marketing “trends”…

Take a look at a few article headlines I ran across just today:

  • “How to Write a Great Infographic Brief”
  • “10 Essential Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers”
  • “Twitter Strategies for the B2B Marketer”

While some marketers get excited about articles like that, others rightfully see them (and the trends they discuss) as a big distraction. In all of our research, we have yet to hear about a twitter campaign or an infographic that really helped drive a big lift in B2B sales. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful.

In fact, our research shows that the most successful marketing programs are the ones that don’t get much attention. The marketers that aren’t out there chasing trends tend to be focused on research, testing their campaigns, and understanding their prospects. They’re making relatively simple improvements that combine and compound over time. And while their solutions may not be sexy or garner much press, they are extremely practical and highly effective.

So, take a lesson from these marketing teams and don’t fall into the trend trap. After all, when it comes to marketing in a B2B environment, some of the trends you don’t hear about can have the most dramatic impacts.

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