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The Myths of Marketing Automation Exposed

Exploring the Common Misconceptions That Can Lead You Astray and Hurt Your Performance

For marketers charged with driving results in increasing complex business environments, marketing automation tools are extremely compelling. And for many marketing operations, the impact of these technologies has been nothing short of transformational. But amid all the hype and clamor to get on the bandwagon, are marketers really getting the truth about what these systems can...and can' In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The risk factors that are often downplayed, underestimated, or completely ignored by marketers and vendors alike.
  • The "façade of measurability" that can lead marketers to draw inaccurate conclusions and make poor decisions.
  • The important segments of the market that can be missed when marketers rely too heavily on these technologies.
  • The dangerous and costly misconceptions about marketing automation's role in the overall marketing process.

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