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Comprehensive B2B Marketing Self-Assessment

Answer 134 Questions to Help Identify and Prioritize Improvements Across 10 Crucial Areas

To help identify areas for improvement and gauge the likely efficacy of your company's strategic and tactical marketing capabilities, simply answer the questions in this straightforward assessment as truthfully and objectively as possible. While this comprehensive assessment covers 10 major areas and contains more than 130 questions, it should take you less than 30 minutes to complete. And once completed, you can use the assessment to guide your improvement efforts. Of course, any question with a negative response indicates improvement potential. But you'll also want to look at the assessment overall and determine which of the ten sections have the greatest percentage of negative responses. These areas likely represent the weakest links in your overall approach and should be prioritized. You'll want to pay particular attention to deficiencies that are concentrated in any of first five areas, as they are highly strategic in nature and can have a dampening effect on every other area or aspect of your marketing.

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