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Real B2B Marketers Aren’t Crazy (or Alone)

If you’re here on DemandBrew, you probably know…or at least suspect…that truly effective business-to-business marketing involves so much more than just color palettes and communications.

You likely recognize that there are a number of strategic and tactical “ingredients” that must all come together, in just the right ways, to generate superior performance in the marketplace. And as a result, you probably can’t help thinking beyond just sending email campaigns, manning tradeshow booths, and cranking-out tweets and t-shirts.

But when you look at what the B2B marketing media is talking about on a regular basis, it’s easy to think that you might be crazy for having these perspectives…

After all, in the broader B2B marketing media, you’ll likely see 50+ articles about improving your blog posts for every one article about improving your sales conversions. You’ll see 75+ articles about designing a landing page for every one article about retaining customers and growing LTV. You’ll see 100+ articles about using social media for every one article about using marketing research and competitive analysis.

And sadly, yes…you’ll probably see many more articles about choosing the proper color palette than about choosing the proper target prospects.

When everyone else is focused on the frosting, you can begin to doubt your desire to focus on the cake. You can begin to wonder if they might be right and you might be wrong. You can begin to think that B2B marketing may actually be all about the tactics…and that you might be all alone with your crazy notions about it being a much more strategic and holistic process.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re definitely not crazy…and you’re certainly not alone.

The DemandBrew community is proof that there are many others just like you. There are many others who want to get beyond the tactics and be much more than just a pair of hands. There are many others who dare to question the conventional wisdom and hype to figure-out what really works. And, there are many others who want to focus on the strategic aspects of B2B marketing to be more effective leaders and generate more significant business results.

Ok…so we’re not alone. But…are we all still crazy for thinking the way we do?

Absolutely! In my humble opinion, we’re an exclusive community of crazy smart B2B marketers 🙂

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