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  • Examples of Silly Marketing?

    You've probably witnessed some pretty silly things from a marketing perspective, right? Well, it's time to get it all off your chest!

  • Sales and Marketing Need To Get Past Their Prejudices

    When marketers are asked to describe salespeople, the three words they use most often are "simple-minded," "incompetent" and "cowboys." It's time for sales and marketing to get past their prejudices and start working together.

  • Don't Get Stuck Paying for Leads Twice

    Before the Internet, it made lots of sense to attend an event where potential leads could come to you. But do the same dynamics exist today? Could you actually being paying for trade show leads multiple times?

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  • 13 Unique Price Segmentation Attributes

    When you identify meaningful segmentation attributes, you also uncover a source of competitive advantage. This research brief explores a variety of unique price segmentation attributes that companies in the PricingBrew Network have found to be important.

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  • Myth Vs. Reality in Pricing Technology

    This special report exposes seven of the most common and costly pricing technology myths and misconceptions we've encountered in our research. Find out if outdated beliefs are causing you to fall further and further behind.

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  • New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence in B2B

    In our research, we’ve identified ten areas where “best practices” have been redefined; setting new benchmarks for pricing excellence in B2B. Use this self-assessment to see how your capabilities measure up.

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