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Rafe-VanDenBerg_avatar_1377615362Rafe VanDenBerg, MindBrew’s editor-in-chief, is a veteran of B2B sales, marketing, and pricing. With over 20 years of experience, he’s been a practitioner for Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors, a successful independent consultant and author, as well as a technology innovator.

As a practitioner and consultant working to drive profitable growth for both new and well-established companies, Rafe learned the power of seemingly small improvements in just the right places. Ever since, he's been an advocate for identifying true root causes and devising simple, pragmatic solutions that can be implemented with minimal disruption.

Rafe is big believer in the ingenuity and resourcefulness of "everyday experts"---the people outside the limelight who nevertheless make things happen, day in and day out, because they have to. He and his partners created MindBrew to tap-into this hidden wisdom at-scale, through a powerful combination of crowd-sourcing, research and synthesis, and digital publishing.   

As editor-in-chief, Rafe provides editorial direction and oversight, ensuring that everything we publish is relevant, realistic, and practical in a typical business-to-business environment.