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The MindBrew Research Team

MindBrew's experienced analysts and researchers gather proven practices from practitioners and industry experts all over the world. Through interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and contributed content, we pull together the real-world experiences and practical know-how of people who’ve “been there and done that”—people who are working in the trenches, dealing with these critical issues on a daily basis, and being held accountable for the success or failure of their decisions.

Then, we cut through the fluff and filler to synthesize and distill the information down to the essentials. We identify the shared themes and practices across various industries. We determine the common problems and pitfalls to be avoided along the way. And, as former practitioners ourselves, we assess every concept, practice, and technique for relevance and practicality in a typical B2B environment.

Finally, we publish these these concise nuggets of wisdom and insight through our portals for convenient, online access, 24×7, and from any computer or mobile device.